DMCA Protect Our comprehensive solution protects you against piracy and illegal downloads

Protection One-Stop

The abuse of digital media causes billions of dollar of costs yearly in the music, photo and video business. Illegal copies, sharing and downloads result in a lost of a value of digital good and the necessary effort for production. Monitoring is an important fact to keep but very time consuming.

DMCA Proctect monitors every minute forums, websites and blogs for content on torrents, tubes, cyberlockers/file lockers to report it immediately.

Photography and Video in Adult Business

Our customers are primary photographers which content is easily copyable. Especially, musicians and photographers are in need to protect their good if they run a business like an closed members area. The entertainment business notice a significant damage while images and videos are shared for free which result in desinterest to purchase any content legally of possible customers.

  • Searching

    Our server crawl every minute on several websites to find new possible illegally copied content. Our service visits hundreds of forums, blogs and websites which are known for easy sharing of one-clickable download content.
    Whenever a change or update was done the new content gets on a second step for identification.

  • Monitoring

    Illegal copied and shared content should be reported quickly to avoid economic loss. Our team reports content within a time of less than 24 hours to relevant file hoster and provider to follow the DMCA regulations and finally to delete the content. That's the currently fastest and most successful way to avoid any economic loss for your business.

  • Identifying

    The identification of digital media is complicated and while managing hundreds of new files per minute efficent methods like keyword-monitoring, image and label identification and similarity checks are needed to make a first useful quick selection beside the human final check.

  • Reporting

    While searching in different sources and the following identifcation we always report our process to our customers to show the recent process and to give an feeling of trust. The final reports shows the final success and allows our customers to concentrate on the major business.

Our Service help to Grow your Revenue

Statistic DMCA
    • 1. Illegal Sharing of your Content
    • 2. Using the Service
      of DMCA Protect
    • 3. Customers search
      your Content
    • 4. In-Time Protection
      with DMCA Protect
  • Illegal Sharing
  • Your Revenue

Over time the sharing of your content makes it unattractive for customers to pay for a good if the content is also available on other websites for free. DMCA Protect searches for your content, reports the media for deletion and finally result in a demotivation of illegal sharer but also for the customers. If it gets hard to find your content easily in the web the interest to join your website is much higher.

Therefore, over time the interest in your content is growing again and a economic loss is avoided.